Vaginne Intimate Gel


Increase the inhibitionofbacteria, strengthensgoodbacteria:

enhances the self-cleaning mechanism

Firming, Moisturising, Bouncing and Repairing:

Aids in the repair of epithelial tissue, boosts nutrients, slows down the aging process and enhances vaginal wall elasticity

Enjoy Bliss: Eliminates odour, has a natural scent



No doubt at all – when a woman is happy, her family is happy. We need to keep our beautiful women in the pink of health. Women are faced with
unique health issues from pregnancy and menopause to gynaecological conditions, such as uterine

broids, menstrual irregularities, urinary tract

infection, bacterial vaginosis and vaginitis. Vaginne is specially designed to preserve and restore feminine intimate health. With Vaginnes, a ultra-
modern tube-based antibacterial gel with healing plants extract, will put the bright smile back on the face of a caring woman. Used by women from

puberty to menopausal stage, Vaginne, with bioactive ingredients, is mild and non-stimulate, clean and easy-to-use. Regular use of Vaginne will
restore and maintain the proper level of hydration of the mucous membranes of the intimate area internally and externally throughout the day.


Vaginne Refreshing Intimate Gel solves reproductive health issues for ladies and helps
ladies to get back their groove. Vaginne is FDA certi

ed, and it is the reason why the product
is suitable and safe for everyday use as intimate hygiene care. Now it’s your time to discover

how it helps our users worldwide.

Does the color of your menstruation tend more towards black than red?

Does it appear more like clots?
Do you experience painful cramps?
Is it vaginal discharge as a result of an infection?
Are you suffering from PCOS?

Are you suffering from infections or reoccurring infections you can’t even explain even

when you must have treated it with antibiotics?

Are you aware most infertility issues are linked to untreated infections?
Why manage that condition when you can get help?

Vaginne Intimate Gel is has been proven to enhance fertility and support reproductive health,
boost your arousals level and libido. Vaginne has the ability to balance the microbes in the
vagina (promote friendly bacteria and inhibit bad bacteria) It has a combination of herbs and
natural ingredients that have been shown to help regulate menstrual cycle, encourage
regular ovulation and helps ladies get pregnant naturally. It also targets multiple aspects of
your fertility. It will help you produce the “egg white” (fertile cervical mucus) that helps the
sperm move to where it needs to be. It also helps to create a healthy uterine lining. Vaginne
is non greasy, soluble in water and naturally refreshing. It is a powerful moisturizer that
accords great comfort. It also ensures vagina tightening especially after childbirth.
Effectively controls itching, alleviates redness, swelling and heat especially hot
ashes in
menopause women. Vaginne is made for women and loved by men. Daily hygiene care with vaginne is a good way to keep you fresh and condent all day!! For infertility Issues use two boxes. For mild infections use one box, two for severe case.


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